Back to the Future Part II

Well, we all know that Back to the Future absolutely rules! But it's pretty rare when a sequel is as good as the original. Speilberg and Zemeckis hit the jackpot with this one.

So let's see how much you were paying attention. I don't think this quiz should be too hard if you're a fan. But mostly, just have fun! It's just a great sequel to a great movie and I wanted to see if others love these movies as much as I do!

Created by: Flora of myspace
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  1. What year, in the future, do they travel to?
  2. What city's ball team did the Cubs beat in the world series?
  3. Which # Jaws was playing at the theatre?
  4. "Grandma & Grandpa" McFly bring over a pizza for dinner. Where is it from?
  5. What toppings are on the pizza?
  6. What role does Billy Zane play?
  7. What song is playing when Marty first gets to the alternate 1985?
  8. Who does Marty Sr. make an illegal deal with?
  9. What is the name of the book Marty buys from the "antique shop"?
  10. When Old Biff has to prove to Young Biff that the book is legit, what game is on the radio?
  11. What is the score of that game?
  12. What is George McFly's middle name?
  13. How many roles does Michael J. Fox play?
  14. What is the last line of the movie?

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