Nightwalker story Part #2 (girls only)

Hey welcome back to PART 2! Just wait for my twists. Also for part 3 I'm going to need a lot of ideas because part 3 will be really long. Send them in and they may or may not be used. Also say who you love the most because if you don't then I'll have to guess.

Wana know who'll you'll get for part 2 of my quiz? Find out now and then the world won't end. I need more twists so send in any ideas. The crazier the better. Love, Mega_crazy!!!!! Any ideas yet?

Created by: Megahn

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  1. That bright flash, you see it's lighting. It hits everyone but you. It only knocks them out for a second before you realize that lighting bolt was from you! So you calm yourself down and Jarbie sneaks up behind you.
  2. He then say "Very good now...try again but with twice the hurt" Jarbie the cackles evilly. You scream as something feels like its pulling out you heart lungs and stomach.
  3. Then the power stops and you see Jarbie dieing. You stop the blood leaving him and then leave running.
  4. Moments later Danaus comes running behind you. Hot angry tears run down your face and you scream "Leave me alone! How did I even get into this mess!" With that you storm away the by a lake start to weep.
  5. After what seems like hours Danaus comes by. In a calming voice he says "___ Come here" You get up and stand in front of him. He pulls you into his lap and you start to weep again. He rubs soothing circles on your back and whispers....
  6. "___ You can let it out." After many minutes you stop crying. You both stand and start to take a walk. In the distance you see James running towards you. Then you yell "James go back I just want to be left alone" With a mopey expression he leaves.
  8. Will you rate my quiz if I make part 3?
  9. Hehe I'm giving alot of cliffhanger just to annoy you. But I make like 3 parts a day.
  10. Finally have u liked my quiz so far?

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