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  • What Random Animal are You?
    [published: Feb 11, 2012, 2 comments]

    There are many animal quizzes, but few random animal quizzes. Randomness is, after all, quite……

  • Which Person, Place or Thing are You?
    [published: Aug 31, 2011, 1 comment]

    There are many abstract concepts, but few true people, places and things. People, places……

  • Which Old World Nation are You?
    [published: Sep 10, 2010, 1 comment]

    Have you ever wondered where your forefathers came to this great nation from? Well, you probably……

  • How Unpleasant are You?
    [published: Sep 02, 2010, 3 comments]

    There are many unpleasant people, but few true douchebags. Douchebaggery is, after all, quite……

  • The Most Objectionable Quiz
    [published: Jul 26, 2010, 1 comment]

    LADIES and GENTLEMEN, please do not disregard this introduction. When I look on the front page of……

  • Zombie Survivor Role Quiz
    [published: Jul 26, 2010, 5 comments]

    Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? I almost am. I just have to get an alternator for my car……

  • How Chuck are You?
    [published: Jun 07, 2010]

    There are many Rubik's-cube-addicted people, but few true Chucks. Charleslie is, after all, quite……

  • How Autumn are You?
    [published: Jun 05, 2010]

    Mick Jagger is sixty-Friggin' something! D'd'you know that? Hah! I bet you thought you'd get a halfway……

  • How Cory are You?
    [published: Jun 05, 2010]

    There are many happy-go-lucky people, but few true Corys. Cory is, afterall, quite exceptional. Who is Cory?……

  • How Howell are You?
    [published: Jun 04, 2010]

    There are many people who are too old to fit the 80s high school nerd stereotype, but few true Howells.……

  • How Kyle are You?
    [published: Jun 03, 2010]

    There are many antisocial, maniacal sloths, but few true Kyles. Kyle is, after all, quite exceptional. Who is……

  • How Meghan are You?
    [published: Jun 03, 2010]

    There are many short people, but few true Meghans. Meghan is, after all, quite exceptional. Who is Meghan?……

  • How Patrick are You?
    [published: Jun 03, 2010]

    There are many disgusting people, but few true Patricks. Patrick is, after all, quite exceptional. Who is……

  • How Polish are You?
    [published: May 18, 2010, 1 comment]

    How Polish are you? This is the question, the answer to which I will shortly attempt to determine. Remember……

  • Which Werwolf are You?
    [published: May 01, 2010, 2 comments]

    Have you ever pondered, "Which of the many notable werwolves would my friendly neighborhood lunatic say……

    [published: Mar 06, 2010, 2 comments]

    So on the winds we sail forth, on the seas of chalupas CHALUPAS. Then out of the ocean the great chalupa……

  • Are You a Werewolf?
    [published: Feb 28, 2010, 3 comments]

    Hi, I'm some lunatic, and I'll be evaluating your likelihood of being a werewolf. This is the first in my……

  • Which Hairstyle Is For You?
    [published: Feb 16, 2010, 1 comment]

    Edgar says: "Once upon a mid-day sunny, while I savored Nuts 'N Honey, With my Tuscan Whole Milk, 1……

  • Did I Rate Your Quiz 1 Star?
    [published: Feb 06, 2010, 1 comment]

    "Which of the unscrupulous morons here rated down my amazing quiz," you ask? Well, it may have been……

  • How Do You Think?
    [published: Jan 27, 2010]

    Have you ever been asked, "What're you thinking about," and answered, "I dunno?" Do you have trouble deciding……

  • How Gluttonous are You?
    [published: Nov 30, 2009, 1 comment]

    You may wonder: "Do I eat a lot? I'll just bet there's a quiz from my unfriendly neighborhood lunatic……

  • Ought You Be a Dronas Brother?
    [published: Sep 26, 2009, 1 comment]

    Beyond doubt, you are plagued. Every morning when you're dragging yourself to your lot in this……

  • South Park: Goth or Vamp Kid?
    [published: Aug 17, 2009, 5 comments]

    There are many vamp kids, but few true goth kids. Gothiness is, after all, quite dark. What is a……

  • Which Smexy Creature Are You? The Sequel
    [published: Aug 06, 2009, 6 comments]

    What exactly is this smexiness I keep hearing so much about, you may ask. Or you could……

  • Insert Generic Zombie Quiz Here: The Sequel
    [published: Jul 20, 2009, 3 comments]

    Too often Gotoquiz is besieged by grammatically atrocious, misinformed,……

  • How Insane Are You?
    [published: Jul 05, 2009]

    "Moobs nargle nerf." "Raaaargh." "Cmon potted plant, let the repairman finish with the TV before you order……

  • Which Unrelated Object are You?
    [published: May 12, 2009, 1 comment]

    dljgsrgt. shroomzsh. RHISTIAN RHUMANISM!! dljgsrgt. shroomzsh. RHISTIAN RHUMANISM!! dljgsrgt.……

  • Do You Know Korpiklaani?
    [published: May 06, 2009]

    I'm constantly dismayed when I visit this great quiz site and am hard-pressed to find a music quiz not……

  • The Booze-O-Metre
    [published: Apr 27, 2009, 2 comments]

    Many of us spend our time drowning our sorrows or otherwise enjoying the wonders of booze. But, many problems……

  • Which Type of Worthless Scum are You?
    [published: Apr 10, 2009, 3 comments]

    There are many people, and also many worthless, evil people. Evil is, afterall, quite……

  • How Socially Awkward Are You?
    [published: Apr 09, 2009, 27 comments]

    There are many socially awkward people, but few true ridiculous nutjobs. Insanity is, afterall,……

  • How Similar are You to Steve?
    [published: Apr 08, 2009]

    There are many wackos, but few true Steves. Steve is, afterall, quite Steve-ish. Who is Steve?……

  • Enter Teh Vortex!
    [published: Apr 08, 2009]

    There are many smart people, but few who will escape Teh Vortex. Vortex-avoiding is, afterall, quite……

  • What's Your Gothic Sub-Stereotype?
    [published: Apr 03, 2009, 5 comments]

    A goth is an individual, often young in age, who is characterized mostly by association with……

  • Which Extremist Are You?
    [published: Mar 14, 2009, 24 comments]

    Today, you probably hear a lot about political extremism. If you watch any sort of news, you hear about……

  • Discover your Demise
    [published: Mar 11, 2009, 4 comments]

    There are many dead people, but few true dead quiz-takers. Quiz-taking is, afterall, quite exceptional.……

  • Insert Generic Zombie Survival Test Here
    [published: Feb 17, 2009, 1 comment]

    You probably live a relatively dull life. You wake up, put your pants on one leg at a……

  • Are You Your Own Mother?
    [published: Feb 16, 2009, 3 comments]

    Are you your own mother? When you almost got run over by that van last year, did your mother almost……

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