Which Hairstyle is for You?

Edgar says: "Once upon a mid-day sunny, while I savored Nuts 'N Honey, With my Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 gal, 128 fl. oz., I swore As I went on with my lapping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at the icebox door. 'Bad condensor, that,' I muttered, 'vibrating the icebox door - Only this, and nothing more.'"

Edgar continues: "Not to sound like a complainer, but, in an inept half-gainer, I provoked my bowl to tip and spill its contents on the floor. Stupefied, I came to muddle over that increasing puddle, Burgeoning deluge of that which I at present do adore - Snowy Tuscan wholesomeness exclusively produced offshore - Purg'ed here for evermore."

Created by: E Lunatic

  1. Which of these years sounds more appealing?
  2. Which is better?
  3. Pick an element.
  4. Pick a Knight of the Round Table.
  5. Pick a grooming product.
  6. Pick a robot.
  7. Pick a material.
  8. Do you own any vinyl LPs?
  9. Did you own a flat cap as a child?
  10. Are you, by any chance, a fan of Naruto?
  11. Have you ordered a fish product at a fast food establishment within the past six years?
  12. Would you go to a party with more than 30 people who you don't know?
  13. Let's say you're high on opiates. What are you more likely to say?

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