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Sunny Day is an animated series about a hairstylist named Sunny and her best friends, Blair, Rox, and her dog, Doodle. Sunny solves problems, with Blair and Rox’s help, using her creativity and determination.

Have you ever wondered which of the hair styling trio you are? Are you creative Sunny? High-spirited Blair? Fun-loving Rox? Answer a few simple questions to find out!

Created by: BlairStyle

  1. Which of these adjectives describe you best?
  2. Which of these colors do you like best?
  3. Which of these quotes do you like best?
  4. Which of these treats would you want to eat?
  5. Which spot in Friendly Falls would you want to go?
  6. Are you athletic?
  7. Which of these jobs at the salon sounds most appealing to you?
  8. What's your hair color?
  9. Which of these adjectives describe you best?
  10. Which of these hair tools do you like to use?
  11. What would be your symbol?
  12. First letter of your first name?
  13. First letter of your pet's name?(If you don't have one, skip this question. If you have multiple, pick one)
  14. Hair accessory?
  15. What's one quality you posses?
  16. What is your hair style?
  17. Which of these instruments would you most like to play?
  18. In a circus, what would you like to be?
  19. Are you afraid of spiders?
  20. What’s your opinion on cleaning and organizing?
  21. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  22. Dog or bunny?
  23. Purple or yellow?

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