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Sunny doesn't need a boyfriend but what if she did, does it need to be nice, gentle, kind, careless, mean, or protective? Find out in this quiz, where all the questions will be answered.

This quiz will show you what unknown boy dragon will become boyfriend dragon, so buckle up you're going on a ride that will take easy or hard questions.

Created by: GoToDragonsQuiz of The Top 40 New Quizzes
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  1. Which one is unknown to you?
  2. What personality would be for sunny's boyfriend?
  3. What is your favorite book?
  4. Is it starflight?
  5. If you were sunny who would you chose?
  6. What would be best for sunny?
  7. What does sunny need besides nice, gentle, and kind?
  8. Does sunny need a mean boyfriend?
  9. Does sunny need a boyfriend?
  10. Last, does sunny need a _______ Boyfriend?

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