Which cat are you from Warriors? (My OC story)

So. I wrote a Warrior cats fanfiction. About a kit named Sunny. Who was a kittypet. But became Cobrastar. So basicly a Firestar thing. Except Sunny was thrown out instead of running away.

Dis quiz will tell you what cat you are from that fanfic. Don't be mad if you get a muderous character (there's only one) that's just your personality. Good quiz taking!

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  1. You see one of your greatest enemies in danger of death. What do you do?
  2. Oh no! You've caught prey-stealers. What do you do?
  3. Imagine you are a leader picking cats for the Gathering. What kind of cats do you choose?
  4. You are leader of ThunderClan. Which cat do you choose for your deputy?
  5. Two stray cats live in your territory. They do not harm you, and they hunt from another Clans' territory. What do you do?
  6. What is your favorite color?
  7. Favorite food?
  9. fAvOrItE aNiMaL.
  10. (FINAL QUESTION!) What is....your favorite TV show?

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Quiz topic: Which cat am I from Warriors? (My OC story)