What kind of morality do you have?

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There are many ways people go about morality. And if you count individual opinions on individual topics, you, the reader of this paragraph, probably closely resemble only two or three other people in the entire world.

But...would you like to know which large group you kiiinda fit in? Then please take this test! Nothing great, but it well help you get a general idea on where you stand.

Created by: Meransiel

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  1. Is it morally acceptable to defend your own life, no matter how many others die?
  2. Is it morally acceptable to kill a few people to improve the lives of many others? What about saving the lives of many others?
  3. What are your thoughts on altruism?
  4. Do you ultimately care about yourself more than others?
  5. Choose the below definition which is the closest to your own: morality is...
  6. Are there objective morals?
  7. An inoffensive action (an action that logically shouldn't have any real consequences) is neither good nor bad. Do you agree?
  8. What do you do when most of the people you interact with everyday have differing views from yours?
  9. Is suicide always wrong?
  10. The state should abide by the same morals as individuals.
  11. Should we respect the elderly?

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Quiz topic: What kind of morality do I have?