What SWTOR Class should your play?

SWTOR will allow players to choose from 8 different classes. This poll is designed to recommend a class for you to play. It encompasses four major hot points: faction, playstyle, morality, and roleplay.

The eight classes are: 1)Republic Trooper 2)Jedi Knight 3)Jedi Consular 4)Smuggler 5)Bounty Hunter 6)Sith Warrior 7)Sith Inquisitor 8)Imperial Agent Please ignore the first two questions of the quiz. They are mandatorily put in there by the website.

Created by: Thunderballs
  1. What faction appeals more to you
  2. What reason/cause do you fight for?
  3. What "Holy Trinity" role do you prefer to fill?
  4. Do you prefer ranged or melee combat?
  5. Do you prefer the material weapons or control over the force?
  6. Do you prefer subterfuge or blatancy?
  7. Do you prefer to fight alone or do you prefer having allies around you?
  8. Do you prefer heavy armor which inhibits your movement or lighter flexible armor that may not protect you as much?
  9. Pick the weapon that most suits you.
  10. You and your friend disagree on a solution to a problem, how do you resolve your disagreement?

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Quiz topic: What SWTOR Class should Ir play?