v2: What class should you be in WonderKing?

WonderKing is one of the best 2-D MMORPG's out there in my opinion. This quiz is designed to help those who have trouble deciding on what class they should be. This is not a "what class are you like in real life" quiz. It is made to get info on how you play and what you like about the game to try and find the class fit for YOU.

So, are you ready to take this quiz? You might not like the outcome, so be prepared. The answers are not supposed to be obvious, and if they are then I made sure to surprise you at the end. The outcome will be very accurate, so hopefully you will like the class! Have fun!

Created by: Musical; IGN: Falco
  1. What type of grinder are you?
  2. Which would you prefer?
  3. Do you like a challenge?
  4. Do you like grinding?
  5. There is a Puma lying in the grass. What would you do in-game?
  6. What option would you pick as a skill?
  7. Do you care if you are good at Pvp?
  8. How do you feel about the Buddy list feature?
  9. What would you rather be?
  10. When you are playing WonderKing, in what way would you prefer to train?
  11. You are face-to-face with Rambong, the bee boss. You are with a team, what would you like for your role to be in that party?
  12. Do you like farming bosses?
  13. Do you like quests?
  14. Do you mind traveling far distances?
  15. What side-skill would you prefer?
  16. In WonderKing, do you like to start and lead things?
  17. Getting close to the end. What option seems cool to you?
  18. Final Question: What is your favorite aspect of the game out of these options? ( If one option applies, pick the whole thing )

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Quiz topic: V2: What class should I be in WonderKing?