Which World of Warcraft class are you?

Many people playing World of Warcraft for the first time (or playing an mmorpg for the first time) are troubled by the first big choice there is to make: Your class. Your class defines most what your character will look like, act like and (possibly most important) fight like. If you don't like your class, chances are high you won't like the game either.

I created this quiz to help people choose a class for World of Warcraft. I was looking around on the internet for quizzes like this, but none of them were quite good enough. I hope my quiz will succeed in helping people with choosing a class. I will not be naming the classes now, since knowing even their names will influence your choices in the following questions. You will follow a short story-line and be presented with many situations and problems that you can solve in different ways. The way you handle yourself will determine your class. (NOTE: The term pet can refer to any creature, animal or monster controlled by a player, that is specific to a particular class)

Created by: Tobias van de Ven

  1. You head back home after a long day. You want to relax a little before going to sleep, where do you go?
  2. After having done this, you go to sleep. You wake up early the next morning, ready for another day of adventure, what do you do first?
  3. You find yourself in a busy street. Just as you turn to walk off a stranger knocks into you. Without a glance, the man hurries on, without an apology. What do you do?
  4. On your way back out of the city you see a wounded woman lying in the gutter. She begs you to aid her.
  5. When you reach the city gates a guard steps up to you, telling you that you cannot pass. What do you do to pursuade him?
  6. As you walk down the road, you hear a faint sound coming from the bushes next to you. An armed brigand jumps out and lunges at you with his sword. What do you do?
  7. After a while you decide that walking is taking too long. What do you do to speed things up?
  8. You have been travelling a while, and have now left the woodland. A large desert looms ahead. Passage through will be hard, but there is a town nearby so you can prepare yourself.
  9. As you slowly trudge on through the sands of the desert, you see a slight figure lying at the bottom of a large sand hill. Upon further inspection, you realise it is a corpse. What do you do?
  10. After three days of dry sand and terrible heat, you find yourself in a grassy valley. A large river bars your way. Far downstream you can make out a bridge, how do you cross?
  11. As you follow a line of cliffs, you notice someone standing a little further down the road. You recongnise him as the one who murdered your father so many years ago! Vengeance is finally yours, what do you do?
  12. Your travels have taken you far and you now stand before the Dark Portal, which leads into the ravaged Outland. You pass through the portal for the first time, and are awestruck when you walk out the other side. What is the first thing you notice?
  13. You have barely taken in your surroundings when you are dragged away by an officer. The Burning Legion is mounting another attack, and you must help defend the outpost. What do you do to prepare?
  14. The battle has begun and demons and mortals clash on the battlefield. Blasts of magical energy and arrows are flying through the air. You have equipped yourself and are ready to join in, what do you do?
  15. How do you prefer to play?
  16. Which of these unique abilities interests you most?
  17. Which of these unique abilities interests you most?
  18. Did you enjoy taking this quiz? (Has no effect on the outcome of the quiz)

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Quiz topic: Which World of Warcraft class am I?