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  • Which World of Warcraft class are you?
    Your Result: Hunter

    You are at home in the wild, with your bow slung across your shoulders and your best friend at your side. Hunter's are the epitome of skill with the bow, crossbow or gun. Capable of slowing their opponents down to a crawl with shots at the shins, feet or just watching as they walk straight into one of their traps. Accompanied at all times by their very own animal companion, hunters can easily keep their distance from foes. Your pet will stand by your side through all hardships, and will obey any command given without question. Learning to tame animals is an important part of a hunter's life, and the choice of animal even greater. Bears, wolves, birds, there is no limit to the possible variations.

    Hunter is my fav class

  • Mage, followed by Druid. Interesting. My main is a Balance Druid and my only RP character is a Mage! I did get a lot of points in Shaman, too... Maybe that's what I'll create next. Awesome quiz, 10 stars! ^_^

  • Awesome quiz :D!


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