How Existential Are You?

There is a perspective that the Christian faith is completely incompatible with existentialism, yet there is a fairly large group of people who recognize (and some who don't) that existentialism influences their values and morality to some degree. Whether or not that is positive or negative is left up to the individual.

Are you a Christian Existentialist? A complete Existentialist? Maybe somewhere in between? Take this test and find where you land. For some the answer may surprise you. I promise by the time you finish answering these questions and probing the depths of meaning you will have fulfilled your dream of becoming a philosopher (well...maybe).

Created by: Alex of The Existential Christian
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  1. Choose the answer you agree with the most.
  2. Choose the answer you agree with most.
  3. Choose the answer you agree with most.
  4. Which is more important to you?
  5. What is morality?
  6. You are free to choose, so choose.
  7. You, and you alone are responsible for your choices.
  8. God decides everything that will happen in your life.
  9. You think about life's meaning...
  10. Life is...

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Quiz topic: How Existential am I?