The Ultimate Freedom Quiz

Personal Freedom. It is something that most of us desire but often we do not pursue it intentionally. Or in some cases, we go about getting it the wrong way. There are 2 components to true freedom, freedom of the mind and tangible freedom - the kind that is visible in the world. Without the former, creating the latter is far more challenging and often unsatisfying when achieved.

The purpose of this quiz is to help you gauge how much you are living life on your own terms, and then to give you some very practical recommendations for how to create more and more freedom in your life, both in your mind and in your life. Why have the life of your dreams left to chance? Take charge of freeing yourself - take the Ultimate Freedom Quiz now!

Created by: Tim Chaney of Personal Freedom Expert
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  1. I have all the money I need to live the lifestyle that I want.
  2. Every minute of every day is spent doing things that I love.
  3. I feel completely at peace and free from worry.
  4. My thoughts are never fearful or anxiety-provoking.
  5. I work at the perfect job or business for me.
  6. I spend as much time on vacation every year as I desire.
  7. I am totally happy with my most cherished relationships.
  8. I know that whatever I want to achieve is possible.
  9. I believe that the world is a friendly place.
  10. Despite my current level of success, I would pursue something new if I was really passionate about it and saw a great opportunity.
  11. My age, skill, financial status, and education level are irrelevant to my potential for success.
  12. I am never too busy to call a friend, exercise, or creatively brainstorm my next project.
  13. I recognize that the reality I experience is one of my own creation.
  14. I never eat unhealthy foods or eat too much in order to feel better.
  15. I sleep peacefully and feel fully rested each morning.
  16. I wake up and look forward to each and every day.
  17. If I learned that I had one week to live, I would have no regrets.
  18. I never procrastinate doing things that are important to me.
  19. If there is something I want to do, I never have to pause to consider whether I have the money or the time to do it.
  20. When something happens that most people see as bad, I can easily find the gift in it.

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