Do You Like Freedom?

Unless you live under a rock (or North Korea), you've heard it said: "Give me liberty or give me death!" How highly do YOU value your liberty? Without it, you probably wouldn't be allowed to access this website. In fact, you probably wouldn't even be alive. So yeah, freedom's pretty nice.

More than likely, you believe that you like freedom, but do you really? This quiz will determine the answer to that important question: Do you like freedom?

Created by: EJ
  1. True or False: Limited government is optimal.
  2. True or False: Economic freedom is greedy and evil.
  3. True or False: The minimum wage must be raised.
  4. True or False: Tariffs and quotas are a completely unnecessary restriction on our freedom.
  5. True or False: Subsidies squander taxpayer dollars, and should therefore be abolished.
  6. True or False: Franklin D. Roosevelt was an awesome president who upheld our fundamental rights.
  7. True or False: Distribution of wealth is theft.
  8. True or False: Federal debt is sometimes good.
  9. True or False: "Free college" is free.
  10. True or False: Guns should be outlawed because that makes everyone safer.
  11. True or False: High taxes are just because the government knows how to spend your money better than you know how to spend your money.
  12. True or False: The government should never have the authority to draft people into the army.
  13. True or False: If somebody says something that is deemed as hateful or offensive, that individual should be punished by the government.
  14. True or False: Freedom of speech and freedom of the press play an important role in every society, and should thus be preserved at all costs.
  15. True or False: The government has no right to violate millions of its citizens' individual privacy.
  16. True or False: Government policies should be enacted without concern for their unintended consequences.
  17. True or False: If a presidential candidate makes a really convincing speech, that is a good reason to vote for him/her.
  18. True or False: Voting should be based on logic, rather than emotion.
  19. True or False: The government should not deprive individuals of their private property, and eminent domain is a form of burglary.
  20. True or False: A government's role is to protect each and every individual's rights.

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