Freedom of Speech

How well do you respect Freedom of Speech? The United States Constitution guarantees it, but do you live it? Do you understand it? Do you respect it? Or are you directly responsible for its degradation?

More and more people are losing sight of what freedom of speech means and what it is. Try this quiz to see if you understand it as well as you think you do, or if you just appreciate it enough to allow you to have a loud mouth.

Created by: Arthur
  1. You see a person waving a confederate flag and a mob of people start beating him up, do you:
  2. Donald Trump ridicules John McCain (a former Vietnam War Hero), do you:
  3. A friend states Obama was elected only because he was black. Do you:
  4. A person calls you an idiot on Facebook. Do you:
  5. You see a person yelling derogatory racist terms as he walks down the street. Do you:
  6. Racist people should have no right to an opinion? True or False?
  7. Silencing people with hateful opinions will make society a more accepting place?
  8. Religions and churches have no right to free speech if they're going to deny performing same-sex marriages. True or False?
  9. Identify the news station that is scientifically and statistically proven to rely on the most reliable sources.
  10. Which party are scientifically and statistically supported by evidence to show that they subscribe to fact over personal opinion.
  11. Support your political party, even if you don't agree with them. True or False?
  12. Hilary Clinton is speaking in your town center to gain presidential voter support. Do you?
  13. Hilary Clinton should be allowed to kick people out of hearing her speak because she doesn't want their opinions interfering with her comments. True or False?
  14. The president of the United States has authority to force you to be silent?
  15. A police officer can arrest you for calling him a worthless turd in any profane use:
  16. PETA passes out pamphlets to your children on elementary school premises. As usual, their pamphlets are full of lies and graphic images. Is this illegal?
  17. You belong to PETA and someone just accused you spreading hate pamphlets full of lies. That person has violated PETA's freedom of speech.
  18. A parent tells a member of PETA not to speak to their child. The parent has violated PETA'S freedom of speech. True or false?
  19. Someone posts a study on Facebook that shows liberals are running the country into the toilet. You:
  20. You can find all the reliable information you need to prove someone wrong by using a search engine like Google. True or False.
  21. Identify the most reliable news anchor.
  22. Freedom of speech is:

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