How Republican are you?

Anyone who lives in the United States knows what Republican is. But how Republican are you? Complete this quiz, express your opinions, and find out where you fall on the political spectrum.

Disclaimer: The questions at the end that are related to your personal information is for me to create cool statistics, nothing else. I hope you understand.

Created by: RLD

  1. Laws should restrict abortion in all or most cases.
  2. Public radio and television provide a valuable service to the citizens.
  3. Some people should not be allowed to reproduce.
  4. Access to healthcare is a right.
  5. The rich should pay a higher tax rate than the middle class.
  6. Radio stations should be required to present balanced news coverage.
  7. The government should do something about the increasing violence in video games.
  8. It is not the government's responsiblility to regulate pollution.
  9. Gay marriage should be forbidden.
  10. It should be against the law to use hateful language toward another racial group.
  11. The government should ensure that all citizens meet a certain standard of living.
  12. An official language should be set, and immigrants should have to learn it.
  13. Racial issues will never be resolved. It's human nature to prefer one's own race.
  14. The lower the taxes, the better off we all are.
  15. It is wrong to question a leader in wartime.
  16. The government should be able to use the death penalty if the crime was serious enough.
  17. Gay equality is a sign of progress.
  18. The military budget should be scaled back.
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  21. Select your race/ethnicity.

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