How republican are you?

Republicans. They are patriots. They are sensible and smart. They are not afraid to be tough on enemies. Being a republican is something to be very proud of.

But just HOW republican are you? That is something you definitely should know. I have made this quiz to help people decide how republican they are. Take the quiz and you won't refret it.

Created by: Total Ponage
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  1. Do you believe in abortion?
  2. How should we handle taxes?
  3. What do we do with illegal immigrants?
  4. Should we reduce pollution and regulate factories and all that other going green stuff?
  5. A person is now on welfare because they are lazy.
  6. How should we handle terrorists?
  7. What money system should we be using?
  8. Is competition among companies good?
  9. Should Americans keep their guns?
  10. What will best help America?

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Quiz topic: How republican am I?