How Would You Rule A Country

Throughout history many people have ruled countries in different ways. Communism, Facism, Republics, Democracies, Authorotarianism and Fuedalism are all examples of the many different types of government. I've narrowed them down to three types, Free Democracies, Corrupt Democracies, Modern Dictatorships and Full on Nineteen Eighty Four Style Big Brotherism.

So, what would you be? Will you rule fairly or with an iron fist? Is there freedom of speech or is it rats in the eyes for anyone who speeks against you? So take the quiz, so that way should you aquire a small country, you'll know what to do.

Created by: Plank of Wood
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  1. You have just been given power of the Head of Government. How did you go about recieving this power?
  2. You're at War, what is the true reason for this war?
  3. A neighbouring country has been spreading propaganda depicting you as some sort of a monster. What would you do?
  4. A foriegn anti-government anarchist has been captured amongst your people. He has not yet committed any crime, however there are records of him planning to do so. What will you do?
  5. A terrorist group have destroyed an Embassy during a huge international meeting, many Heads of State have been wounded and many innocent bystanders killed. How do you Respond?
  6. What words strike fear into the hearts of all your people?
  7. A Satirical Television Show has recently critised your recent rise in "Authoritarian Trend" of your policies. What is your reaction?
  8. Which of these written documents will have the biggest effect on how your Country is ruled?
  9. The People are rising up against you! They could storm the Governmental Building any minute now! What will you do?
  10. How would you prevent people from saying bad things about your policy?
  11. Finally, what is the highest punishment in your country?

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