city or country

There are people who think they are country and they are people who know and are country which are you come and find out⦠I hope yawls are all country boys and girls that can survive

Is you country that would help an old lady with any needs, or a cold hearted city slicker that would pass her up. Or are you one who just gets stuck in the middle? Find out here hope you like who you really are

Created by: kc
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  1. You are walking with your friends and you all see a older women having trouble taking in her groceries your friends make fun of her what do you do?
  2. You are at a red light in a beat up truck that has power another car a skyline comes up sees you and want to race what do you do.
  3. How many times a week do you say yawl, pop, cooler, yee haw
  4. What dose round up mean to you
  5. You go to buy a vehicle what kind would u buy
  6. do you still know family that own a farm out in the country that you go and visit
  7. Would you bye a sports car or beat up hard working truck
  8. do you bye Really expensive clothes
  9. how many computers do you have
  10. How many expensive cars do u own
  11. Do you know what rodeos are
  12. have you been to a rodeo

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