Are You a Country Girl?

Are you what everyone calls a real country girl? Take this quiz to find out if your a city girl who's too worried about what others think or if your a down home country girl....

Take this quiz to determine whether you belong deep in the country woods somewhere walking around barefoot or if you need to be shipped off to some high class city where all you care about are your precious heels...

Created by: Hannah
  1. Can you hear your boyfriend's ride before he ever gets to your house?
  2. Are the words "ya'll" and "reckon" in your everyday vocabulary?
  3. Do you own more than 2 dixie outfitter shirts?
  4. When you hear holler you think back in the holler...not get up with me?
  5. Do you own a camo bathing suit or any type of camo clothing?
  6. Do most of your jeans consist of holes?
  7. At the end of the summer do you have a farmers tan instead of an all over?
  8. Have you ever driven a tractor?
  9. Have you ever been to a rodeo?
  10. Are you caught right in the middle of mule days riding in the back of a truck sitting in lawn chairs with your rebel flag flying high?
  11. Do you go mudding and instead of worrying about how dirty you'll get your more worried about how dirty the trucks not?
  12. Do you own more than one pocket knife and always carry one on you?
  13. Is your definition of getting dressed up putting on your only pair of non holey jeans, a non tshirt and not going barefoot or wearing flip flops?
  14. Do you have a rebel flag somewhere in your room or car?
  15. Do you know at least 5 Hank Williams songs?
  16. Do you think about your life when you hear "Wal Mart Parking Lot"?
  17. When you go up north do you get picked on because of your accent?
  18. Does your boyfriend look incomplete with out his hat?
  19. Have you ever tried dip?

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