Perceptions of Freedom

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Hello and welcome to my first attempt at a quiz, outlining four basic, yet notably different perceptions of freedom. Which calls to you the most? Is it something new you had no idea about?

These freedoms being Socialist or Marxist, which focuses on standing up for the weaker guy, and advocating equality as freedom. Next up is Materialist, Stirnerite materialist thought in particular, which goes on about individualism, egoism and existentialism. Then there's the polar opposite, which is Moralistic freedom based in piety and religion. Lastly, Classical perception of freedom, being classical liberalism

Created by: Mister Big Brow
  1. Nationality is a reality.
  2. You have discovered a briefcase full of money without any knowledge (Let's assume that this is not a shady deal), What do you do?
  3. A 15 year old looks into the window of an adult shop, where he is shooed off as it is illegal. He begs you to buy for him and shoves into your hand a 50 note. "Can you please buy me a magazine? You can keep the change my friend, I would feel grateful!" Do you buy him a magazine?
  4. Where do rights come from?
  5. Is Humanism the new faith?
  6. I would try recreational drugs if I could.
  7. A Strike has occurred. You must side with one or the other.
  8. Traditions are good.
  9. I would fight for
  10. You have been given control and ability to start a self sustainable commune. Which would you use as a basis of your system?
  11. People _____ do what they want with their bodies.
  12. I wish individuals were judged by only their own merit.
  13. I vote for a mainstream party.
  14. The world is not corporeal or spiritual, only physical.
  15. I follow in my family's footsteps philosophically.

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