Sociology and Value Freedom

This quiz is on Sociology: Crime and Deviance. It looks about how a sociologists own values and beliefs shape the way they conduct their research and how they compile data.

If you are doing Sociology: Crime and Deviance A2 Level then this quiz will give you a few questions on Value Freedom and how sociologists deal with whether their own views should come into their research.

Created by: banta
  1. How did Durkheim believe sociology could be studied?
  2. What did Weber recognise that was important in sociological research?
  3. Why did Weber argue values should be kept out of the process of research?
  4. Why are values important when a sociologist interprets data?
  5. What did later positivists argue about values?
  6. What did Gouldner criticize mid-twentieth century positivists for doing?
  7. Why does Gouldner believe that value free sociology is impossible?
  8. What did Becker argue?
  9. Becker believed sociologists should take the side of the...
  10. What does a sociological perspective influence?

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