Sociology Component 1 Section C Education

Study names/sociologists and their studies/views for Sociology component 1 section B Education Good revision quiz for the component 1 exam next week

Yay sociology and education its a great subject!!! I hope you pass and don't fail. This quiz will help you remember studies and theories and views to use.

Created by: Tabby

  1. Education creates a sense of identity and commitment to the value consensus and reinforces social order
  2. Role allocation and stratification. School allocates pupils into the correct roles for future jobs.
  3. Researched idea of the "ideal pupil" for teachers. Used this to expand on labelling theory.
  4. Working class boys created anti school 'laddish' subculture. They were aware school was not meritocratic.
  5. Working class boys created anti school 'laddish' subculture. They were aware school was not meritocratic.
  6. Studied the self fulfilling prophecy by labelling kids randomly in a school as 'smart' and 'not so smart'. Teacher than began to treat the groups differently. 47% of those labelled positively achieved highly a year later.
  7. Studied black girls who rejected negative labelling and made friends across streams.
  8. Setting and streaming leads to polarisation where pupils do not mix with others outside of their sets and ability. Divides pupils and creates subcultures.
  9. Beachside comprehensive, found that pupils were not always set on ability but teachers assumptions and judgements on how the pupils will perform.
  10. Material deprivation meaning that money is a barrier to children's education. Identified the hidden cost of school e.g trips and P.E kits.
  11. Identified 'selection by mortgage' when parents use their wealth to buy houses in catchment area of good schools.
  12. Working class parents pay less of an interest in their childrens education. Found that they are less likely to attend parents evenings by asking teachers.
  13. Introduced the idea of language codes. Working class=Restricted code Middle class=Elaborated code. Elaborated code is used in schools.
  14. Education is set up to purposely fail the working class.
  15. Critical of Douglas' research as they believe teachers hold stereotyped assumptions of working class parents and would have been biased in his research.
  16. Concept of cultural capital - experiences, values and tastes held by the middle class which benefit them. Supported by Sullivan.
  17. Teacher have expectations based on pupils race. They expect bad behaviour and poor achievement from black boys.(leading to SFP)
  18. Saw black boys as really disruptive and rebels. Stereotypes are true. Believes external factors are more damaging for Ethnic underachievement. Many subcultures amongst black boys.
  19. Black girls created subculture to avoid teacher racism. However led them to underachieve as they could not reach their full potential.
  20. "LOCKED IN INEQUALITY" The whole education system and policies disadvantage ethnic minorities.
  21. Institutional racism is too simplistic. Suggests that all white people succeed and all ethnic minorities fail. White WC boys are the lowest achieving group.
  22. Single parents (44% of families) lead children to underachievement as they have no male figure and are not prepared for school and school discipline.
  23. Limited speech in black children is due to their lack in confidence. 3.2% of black children are behind with English language.
  24. Lack of tough love from absent farther. Black boys tun to peers and gangs to create subcultures. Go to MTV for role models and influences.
  25. Blaming of black culture and victimising them.
  26. Sent fake job vaccines to businesses. White names got more responses than ethnic minorities. Leads to poor material deprivation if parents are unable to get a job and support their child's education financially.
  27. 'genderquake' girls now see equality as a right.
  28. Research showed how girls priorities have changed from marriage and having a family to a career and financial independence.
  29. Working class girls are not as successful as middle class girls.
  30. Believe that the increasing power of women, changes in the economy and family has left boys unsure about their role in society. They turn to anti school and deviant behaviour as they have no certain future.
  31. Gender role socialisation means that girls are channelled into activities like colouring and reading which are closely linked to school.
  32. Argue that boys are socialised to be active and physical and that parents spend less time reading with boys which would benefit them at school. Boys activities are not language or literacy based.
  33. Course work disadvantages boys.
  34. Found that boys believed that work should be done at school not home. Were not prepared to complete work outside of school.
  35. Teachers spend more time dealing with the demands of boys and controlling their behaviour.
  36. Boys dominate the classroom and get more teacher attention. However this attention is highly negative and leads to SFP.
  37. Most pupils see working hard as 'uncool' which mean being unpopular. Boys resort to dominant masculine behaviour to help with the fear of failure and being unpopular.

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