Copyright Rules for Teachers

This quiz is about copyright rules for teachers. This quiz was created for a college course studying the law and its relationship with teachers. The content herein is useful for both education students and active teachers alike.

So even if you are already a teacher, this quiz is something anyone can take to brush up on their knowledge of the rules of copyright in an education setting. Good luck!!

Created by: Hunter B
  1. What type of material does common-law copyright apply to?
  2. In regard to copyright laws __________ is protected but ____ are not.
  3. Teachers should not suggest _____ types of technology to their students.
  4. There are recognized standards regarding fair use and teachers copying material.
  5. Educational material that a teacher may make one copy of to conduct research or prep work with includes:
  6. The brevity clause of the Fair Use Act means a teacher make copies of an article for students if:
  7. How does the cumulative effect of the Fair Use Act affect how much a teacher can make copies of material for students?
  8. The spontaneity clause states that copying must be:
  9. What are some materials that teachers cannot make copies of?
  10. Are students performing a play in protected by the Fair Use Act? Why or why not?
  11. When does the Fair Use Act protect libraries who copy material?
  12. A library that is closed to the public can make copies of copyrighted material for their own use?
  13. How many copies of a material can libraries make?
  14. Computer software is another type of material available for teachers to copy for educational proposes under the Fair Use Act.
  15. What material does the Fair Use Act not specifically outline copying rules for?
  16. Educational copies of video tapes may only be kept for what amount of time?
  17. If a teacher violates the right of an owner of copyright through unlawful copies they are subject to what penalties?
  18. Up to how much can a teacher be fined if they knowingly infringe on an owner of copyright?
  19. What other material is available for teachers to copy under the TEACH Act?
  20. The TEACH Act allows teachers to _______ analog material that is not available to them in that form.
  21. An owner of material still has right under the Copyright Act if they did not place a notice of copyright on their material.
  22. If a teacher wishes to make copies of a poem for their students, the poem must follow what guidelines?
  23. Under the Fair Use Act, would a teacher be allowed to make copies of 3 graphs from a scientific textbook for students? Why or why not?
  24. The cumulative clause of the Fair Use Act states what about using material from the same author?
  25. How many copies can a teacher make of a poem for themselves and their other English teachers?
  26. Can a drama teacher charge admission to a play put on by students?
  27. A notice of copyright is something only the owner of the material has to insert into the material.
  28. Can teacher copy computer software without infringing on copyrights?
  29. Is a professor protected by the Fair Use Act if they put together a collection of materials and require students to purchase it for their class?
  30. If a teacher unknowingly copies a copyrighted material, can they still be subject to penalties?

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