Explaining Secularisation

If you are doing Sociology A2 Level on Beliefs in Society this quiz could help you reinforce your knowledge and help you get up to those top grades!

This quiz is on the evidence of secularisation in society and how the beliefs of the church are declining in the modern day, or postmodern as some sociologists would argue.

Created by: banta
  1. what is rationalisation?
  2. What was the main belief before the Protestant Reformation?
  3. What view did the Protestant Reformation lead to?
  4. What does Weber argue rationalisation has led to?
  5. Bruce argues we have a technological world view. What does this mean?
  6. Religious explanations for life can only survive when...
  7. What does Parsons argue industrialisation led to?
  8. Why does the Church have less power now in society?
  9. What does Berger argue is further evidence of secularisation?
  10. What is a sacred canopy?
  11. What does Berger argue religious diversity can also do?
  12. What does cultural defence mean?
  13. Who conducted the 'Kendal Project'?
  14. What did the 'Kendal Project' set out to discover?

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