What religion are you? (Christian denominations)

Take some time...to take this quiz! This quiz isn't going to prove whether you are a Christian or not, it's just for fun! So,see if you are up to par with the basic knowledge of your church or religious denomination. Or, take the quiz just for fun!

Let's see how well you've payed attention during those long church sermons...or homilies if you prefer. Do you have the time to answer a few questions? Think of this as a "Higher Calling."

Created by: Jeremy Alexander
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  1. Do you believe in God?
  2. My church is also called a temple.
  3. Your religion was founded in the United States within the last 200 years.
  4. Your surname is Scandinavian (i.e. Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finish,Icelandic etc.) or German
  5. If one or more of these may refer to you/your church. 1. you can't have coffee. 2. you can't celebrate birthdays. 3. you go to church on saturday. 4. men and women are separated during church.
  6. You believe that Holy Communion is the Body and Blood of Christ.
  7. You live in the Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin or any other Midwestern state.
  8. You live down south.
  9. You don't believe that Jesus is God, but he's still a good guy.
  10. You know what the Theotokos is.
  11. You have a Rosary and you've prayed it before.
  12. a church service in your denomination/church is called...
  13. Your church uses the book of common prayer.
  14. The Pope is a good guy...I mean, a really good guy.
  15. To you, it'll always be Constantinople, NOT Istanbul!
  16. You're big into Golfing, Tennis, and yachting.
  17. I know what the Mingling of the waters is.
  18. I believe in the baptism of the holy spirit (speaking in tongues)
  19. My church is your average church. Middle of the road, no dancing, no chanting.
  20. At my church you need to get saved/choose to be baptized. Infant baptism is not an option.
  21. I don't believe in the trinity.
  22. My church is governed democratically with elders, and an elected minister.

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