What Church should I go to?

Have you ever wondered one of the following:What denomination should I be? Is this denomination right for me, or which denomination should I convert to?

If so this quiz is right for you find out if your Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Anabaptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, or a Messianic Jew.

Created by: Albert
  1. What do you believe about Holy Communion
  2. Should Infants be baptized?
  3. What form of church government is best?
  4. Should the apocrypha be used?
  5. Should the sign of the cross be used?
  6. Should we follow Jewish law?
  7. Should Incense be used in Worship?
  8. Should Females be ordained?
  9. Homosexuality is...
  10. Homosexuals should be ordained
  11. Who did the Holy spirit proceed from
  12. Should we use a book to direct our worshiping.
  13. What are the Sacraments/Ordinances?

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