How Episcopalian are you?

The Episcopal Church is a large Christian denomination in the United States. But what do you know about it? And you are already Episcopalian , how "Piskie" ARE you??

What do you know about the Episcopal Church? How much of a "Piskie" are you? Take this quiz and find out! You may be surprised at what you know and don't know. (Or maybe NOT!)

Created by: Stacey
  1. The first Book of Common Prayer was ratified in the USA...
  2. The first Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church was...
  3. When the Gospel is read at a Episcopal Church service you..
  4. The Episcopal Church holds its General Convention..
  5. Purple is the color used for
  6. Finish this sentence:"Walk in love as Christ loved us and gave himself for us....."
  7. Katharine Jefferts-Schori is
  8. A Presiding Bishop serves a term of
  9. Baptism is done the Episcopal Church by..
  10. Who is NOT a saint in the Episcopal Church?
  11. The Vestry is...
  12. Private Confession (reconciliation of a pentitent) to a priest is
  13. Private Confession to a priest takes place
  14. Who is NOT a famous Episcopalian?
  15. Controversial Conservative Ann Coulter once called the Episcopal Church:
  16. The Trinity is praised in
  17. What can usually be found in a "high" Episcopal Church?
  18. The "poncho-like" piece of clothing that the priest puts on right before communion is called a
  19. The holder of the hosts (communion wafers) is called the
  20. The Episcopal Church has over___ members in the USA.
  21. The Creed that is most often recited at an Episcopal Church service is
  22. The Anglican Church's first Book of Common Prayer was put out in year
  23. To become a priest in the Episcopal Church you must..

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Quiz topic: How Episcopalian am I?