What kind of Episcopalian are you?

There are many Anglican/Episcopalians out there. Ever wonder what kind you are? Anglo-Catholic, High Church, maybe evangelical? Well heres your chance to find out. Just answer these questions; and we'll tell you. Have fun. God Bless!

Its very simple, just be as honest as possible. Your score will be given at the end of this test. Good luck. I hope you have fun answering this quiz as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please don't hurry through your answer, because every answer counts!

Created by: John M. Hair
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  1. How many Sacraments are there?
  2. What is the Church?
  3. Which books are the best to use for the services of the church?
  4. Which is the most important service of the Church?
  5. For daily devotions, you would choose?
  6. The use of candles and incense are?
  7. When feeling sick, I would:
  8. Communion should be celebrated:
  9. The invocation of saints for help is?
  10. When I enter a Church, I?
  11. The night before I receive Holy Communion I?
  12. The Pope is?
  13. The real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist is?
  14. Should women be ordained?
  15. Why do we pray for the dead?
  16. Eucharistic adoration is?
  17. Marriage is?
  18. Which of the following statements best describes your view on confession?
  19. The interpretation of the words of Jesus in Matthew 26:26-29; Mark 14:22-25; Luke 22:19-20 is?
  20. Which Bible commentary would you rather use to study?
  21. Which version of the Bible do you prefer?
  22. Which Prayerbook would you use, if given a choice?
  23. How many Creeds does this Church have?
  24. To receive Holy Communion, people should be?
  25. Are you?
  26. What is appropriate music for a Church Service?
  27. What term would you say accurately describes the Episcopal Church?
  28. Which is most important at a celebration of the Holy Eucharist?
  29. The apocrypha is?
  30. What is your view toward sects shuch as Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists and so on.
  31. Homosexuality is:
  32. The 39 articles of religion are?
  33. If given a choice you would join?
  34. We follow the teachings of:
  35. God is:
  36. If given your choice in reading materials: what would you choose to read?
  37. You receive communion?
  38. What is the proper form of Baptism?
  39. Confirmation is:
  40. How many services comprise the complete recitation of the Daily office of the Church?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Episcopalian am I?