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  • This quiz appears to be written by an Anglo-catholic who has a shockingly poor understanding of liturgy and Church traditions.

    Question 6: There is no service called the "Holy Mass". It is only referred to as the Mass. Nowhere is it described as Holy. The Holy Eucharist is so named since it is the service at which the Sacrament is administered.

    Qu estion 8: Grouping candles and incense as high church is absurd. Placing two lights on the freestanding altar is standard practice at mass in all but the lowest churches. Equating candles and incense is ridiculous even if the candles in question are those placed elsewhere (i.e. six lights on the high altar, which are still used at many less-than-high church parishes). The question would be better served by citing Sanctus bells as a second example of a high-church practice (thus making it an assessment of one's opinion of the proverbial Bells and

    Quest ion 20: Confession in itself is not a Sacrament/sacrament al rite. The Sacrament that is the focus of this question is the Reconciliation of a Penitent, which comprises confession, counseling/directio n and absolution. Confession without absolution/declarat ion of forgiveness is an incomplete and thus invalid Sacrament.

    Final ly, being an Anglo-catholic jule in the Churchs crown doesn't make one superior to low-church evangelicals. Episcopalians are all united by a wonderful tradition of Anglican snobbery rooted in the subtle WASP elitism of the well-bred members of the Churchs past. This reputation predates the catholic revival and will hopefully survive the Churchs current transition period. Instead of loathing the liturgical practices of other members of the Church, it would be far more beneficial to celebrate the fact that all Anglicans are better than everyone else!

    PharmDee Jun 30 '14, 8:07PM
  • I am a proud Episcopalian. Your bias is clear, but irrelevant. How dare you make a judgment call that someone who may disagree with you is "too liberal to be good for the church." That sort of statement wreaks of hubris. I overlooked your lack of education concerning the English language, but I can't overlook your pompousness.

    drewkool Jun 23 '14, 2:01PM
  • Whom ever is writing this should learn the difference between your and you're!

    geriski Jun 17 '14, 12:40PM
  • jenny k9 missed 'rights' for 'rites,' 'counsel' for 'council,' and 'whose' for 'who's.' 'Your' for 'you're' occurs repeatedly. Lest you think spelling errors are trivial (together with sentence fragments and comma splices, which also appear in this quiz), in my experience those who cannot spell are those who do not read.

    rogier Apr 3 '14, 8:28AM
  • A good quiz; too bad it is so full of spelling errors

    wizard Mar 24 '13, 12:05PM
  • Wish a better middle of the road choice for confirmation were available. Understand it is hard to create and weight this survey. Thanks for doing this!

    mjaured Feb 27 '13, 5:48PM
  • better test. make corrections
    #4 Word of God is tought, [taught]
    #11 A horrable inovation, [horrible, innovation]
    #17 When your dead, your dead [you're or you are]
    #19 which can only be broken by devorce: [divorce]
    i did enjoy your test

    jannyk9 Jul 30 '09, 8:45AM

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