Catholic Quiz Bowl

Lot's of people know of the Catholic Church, but few people are true defenders of the Faith. It takes guts and study and prayer. Also, it takes a commanding knowledge of scripture, history, and doctrine, coupled with docility to the Spirit and true humility. The good old sacrament of Confirmation helps too!

So, how about trying this quiz? Let's see where you stand so far in your studies. Did you pay attending in catechism class? Test your mettle in the fire and see if you prove to be gold! Note that I have written it from the perspective of being a Latin-rite Catholic, so keep that in mind. Also, the initial personal questions are not part of my quiz, so they don't affect your score.

Created by: CAF Junkie
  1. Which is NOT one of the Four Last Things?
  2. Which is NOT commonly seen in an infant baptism?
  3. Which is traditionally long and said during the night, but its modern replacement may be said at any hour?
  4. Which did Jesus NOT say while on the cross?
  5. The word "kyrie" translates as
  6. Who is usually called "Venerable", but is actually a saint?
  7. Which is called the Universal Sacrament of Salvation?
  8. Jesus...
  9. Jesus is first seen in the temple...
  10. Concerning the fallen angels...
  11. The Avignon Papacy was in which century?
  12. Which Old Testament figure had a most notable incident while drunk?
  13. Which is allowed by the Catholic Church?
  14. Which unhappy prophet said, "Cursed be the day when I was born"?
  15. If you gain a partial indulgence, what might it do?
  16. Who currently hold the Keys of Death and Hades?
  17. Who lead the Israelites into Canaan (the land) after their forty year sojourn in the desert?
  18. The sacrament of the sick
  19. Which might be forbidden under the eighth commandment?
  20. Which day of the week did Jesus rise from the dead?

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