Are you Catholic?

Are you Catholic? If you are, I hope you do alright or you didn't pay attention to class very well. This is a quiz to see how much you know about Roman Catholic doctorine and other traditions of the Catholic Church.

If you aren't Catholic, you can still find out how much you know about the Church. I hope you will take a few moments to see how Catholic you really are.

Created by: veghead13
  1. How often do you go to church?
  2. Where does the pope live? (Choose the best answer)
  3. Which is not mortal sin (assuming all deeds were done on purpose)?
  4. You were hungry so you ate breakfast at 8:00. Your mass starts 8:15 and the priest begins giving Communion at 8:30. Assuming you are sitting relatively close to the front, do you go up to receive Communion?
  5. Who was the pope in 2007?
  6. Did you go to a Catholic school?
  7. Jesus is who?
  8. What do you eat on Fridays in Lent?
  9. How do you genuflect? What do you face towards?
  10. How many popes have there been as of 2007?

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Quiz topic: Am I Catholic?