What kind of Lutheran are you?

This is a quiz for those who are members of any Lutheran denomination in the US. This will show you if you are right on the mark or if you need to study Lutheranism more.

While you are invited to have fun taking this quiz, there are still some serious parts of it. Most seriously, being a good Lutheran will not get you salvation. Only faith in Jesus Christ can save you.

Created by: Devin Andrews
  1. What church did Martin Luther nail the 95 Theses to?
  2. What book officially summarizes the teachings of Lutheranism?
  3. What is the official motto of the true Lutheran churches?
  4. True of False: Lutherans believe in double predestination.
  5. What is NOT a well-known Lutheran hymn?
  6. If someone told Martin Luther that they have been trying to earn eternal Salvation, what would he say?
  7. What would Martin Luther say about about abortion?
  8. What churches did the first Lutherans find themselves at odds with? (Hint: Look in the Book of Concord)
  9. True or False: Martin Lutheran included the Apocrypha in the first German translation of the Bible.
  10. Until recently, when did a Lutheran first take Communion?
  11. What would Martin Luther say about same sex marriage?
  12. Which Lutheran denomination broke away from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of American (ELCA) in 2010?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Lutheran am I?