Could you have been a Freedom Rider?

This quiz is to help people think about whether or not they could have actually stood up and risked their lives for basic rights.

Find out if you are a Freedom Rider. a quiet supporter, or an opposed person.

Created by: pum1kIn of Freedom Riders
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  1. You feel a teacher has given you an extremely unfair grade. You
  2. You see a fellow student being bullied by a group of girls. You
  3. Do you fight for what you believe in?
  4. Are you brave?
  5. Have you ever tried to lead a movement in school for something you think is important?
  6. How are you today?
  7. Are you going to study hard for your finals?
  8. Are you motivated for things you enjoy/believe in?
  9. Two more.
  10. Do you think you could actually sign your final will and testament and say goodbye to your family for something you believe in.

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