Are You a Good Rider?

Do you want to find out if you are a great rider or not, really you do, take this quiz. You can tell if you Wonderful, good, OK or BAD rider. Still try your best

Are you the true rider the best in your eyes, take this quiz so you can get the real truth. Honestly not everyone is the best. Try your hardest and tell your friends

Created by: Bridget
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  1. Your the rider, your horse start bucking when you accidently pull to hard on the reins. What do you do?
  2. Your the rider, you see your instructer tells you to canter but you notice your horse is tired.
  3. Your the rider, you notice that your riding instructer is using the whip on your horse during his trianing time.
  4. You see a rider is having trouble getting her horse to move.
  5. A boy is cleaning his horse when a mouse runs by and spooks the horse.
  6. A groom put the wrong fed in your horses stall, your horse becomes sick.
  7. Your horse has become lame because the instructer call it wild.
  8. Your horse is now being used for lessons.
  9. Your horse has a injured foot, but a big show is coming up.
  10. You relize that your horse needs more outside time.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Good Rider?