Night Rider (part 1)

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. *READ THIS*. Okay, I'd just like to point out that Rider is a girl. I had my sister read this and she was confused until the end.

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!! So, please enjoy this and then please comment and rate. Bye, I love you all. Thanks ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. "Rider, wake up. You're dozing off again." My best friend, Dallas, said as he elbowed me in my right side. "What? Sorry. What is Mrs. Rose talking about this time?" I asked him as I sat up a little straighter. "Just boring History stuff." Dallas replied as he did that head swing to get his brown hair out of his hazel eyes. "That helps me a lot." I said sarcastically and then I yawned. "Rider, Dallas, why are you talking during my lesson?" Mrs. Rose asked us. "Why are you teaching during my conversation?" I retorted. I've always been known to be the rebel in my school. It's not like I try to be, it's just that I'm always tired during the day, and I'm a little snappy and rude too. It's part of the reason why Dallas is my only friend. The other part is how I look. I guess my night black, curly hair and ice blue eyes that seem to be white if the light doesn't hit them right, seem to make people think that I'm a creep or a weirdo. Only Dallas took the time to get to know me. "Looks like little miss rebel snapped at the teacher." Sydney, the popular girl, said.
  2. "Yeah, and she ain't the only thing about ready to get snapped." I threatened her. "Did I do something wrong to you, Weirdo? Well, what are you going to do about it?" Sydney said the first part as innocently as she could and the last part as mean as she could. "I'll show you what I'm gonna do about it." I said as I stood up and clenched my fists. "Rider, sit down!" Mrs. Rose yelled at me. "I'll sit when I wanna sit." I snapped at her and then the room became deadly silent. "Rider, you have detention." Mrs. Rose told me in a stern voice. "Now like it's the first time." I told her. "Rider, please, just sit down before you get suspended or expelled." Dallas whispered and I reluctantly sat down. Mrs. Rose let out a breath of relief, once I sat down, and I saw her relax a little bit. I sighed. It wasn't the first time a teacher was scared that I would hurt them or someone else. Mrs. Rose went back to teaching and I tuned out the rest of her class.
  3. *~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~* "Come on, Rider. Time for lunch." I heard Dallas say as he shook my shoulder. "Which for me means that I get to eat in the bathroom." I said as I picked up my bag. "Why don't you just sit with me and my friends at lunch?" Dallas asked. "Because I don't know them and I've never been seen in the cafeteria." I simply replied as we started walking down the hallway. "Well, why don't you get to know them?" He asked. "Because I don't like meeting new people, and they will probably just be afraid of me, like everyone else." I explained. "Not everyone is afraid of you." He said. "You don't count." I told him. "But still, not everyone is afraid of you."
  4. "Oh yeah? I bet you $10 that I can walk straight down the middle of the hallway, and people will move outta my way." I said. "Deal." Dallas said as he stuck out his right hand. I shook it and made my way to the middle of the hallway. I lifted my head up and started walking down the hallway. Instantly, people moved out of my way. Some even ran out of my way. When I reached the end of the hallway, I waited for Dallas. "Happy?" He asked me as he came up to me and handed me $10. "No. I should've said $20." I joked as I took the money. "What's going on over there?" Dallas asked as he looked behind me. I turned around and saw a mass of people standing there. I walked towards then and pushed my way to the front. I saw Sydney's best friend, Maddi, lying on the ground. She was knocked out and had blood on her right temple. Her perfect brown hair was a mess and there were some chunks of her hair on the floor around her.
  5. "Who did this?" Sydney demanded, her light brown hair blew out of her face because she was walking so fast. She turned around and her eyes met mine. Instantly, she marched up to me. "How could you do this, Rider? How could you do this to her?" Sydney yelled at me, having a look like she was about to kill me. "I didn't do it, so back off." I told her and pushed her away from me. "Of course you did it! You're a freak!" She screamed at me and then slapped me across the face. "Better a freak than a fake." I calmly told her and then punched her. The corner of her mouth started bleeding a little and she stumbled backwards. The students got dead silent as they saw me in action because none of them have seen me fight someone. Before she could say anything, I heard movement behind me, and I turned around to see Mr. Lee, the principle, making his way towards us. "What happened here?" Mr. Lee demanded.
  6. "Rider punched me." Sydney automatically said. "I meant; what happened to Maddi?" Mr. Lee corrected himself. "We don't know. We came here for lunch and found her lying like that." Some random kid answered. "Well, until further notice, you will be eating your lunches outside." He announced. "But, what if we didn't pack a lunch? And it's like 100 degrees outside." Sydney complained. "Then eat off of someone elses lunch. And suck it up." Mr. Lee said and then we all started walking towards the doors, to get outside. As I was about to go into the bathroom, Dallas grabbed my arm and pulled me back, making me get shoved out of the doors. "You're eating with my other friends today." Dallas told me. "But, I don't wanna eat with your football friends." I protested. "Come on, they're not that bad." Dallas said and then I ended up giving in.
  7. We walked over to Dallas's friends, who were sitting in a circle under a large tree, and I noticed that they were all wearing their jerseys, like Dallas. "Hey, guys. This is Rider." Dallas introduced me and they all turned around, well, half of them did, the other half was already facing me. "Oh, cool. Is she new?" One of them asked. "No, Kris, she is not new." Dallas said. "Well, what's she doing here then?" One guy said and I recognized him as a guy named Luke, Sydney's boyfriend. "She is about to leave." I snapped at him and then turned around. "Rider, wait." Dallas called after me. "Dallas, you can go sit with your friends. I promise that I'll be at your game tonight." I said and then continues to walk away.
  8. Cliffhanger!!
  9. Sorry that it was short, the next one will be longer.
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  11. Mmk thanks. Bye ~Meg.

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