Night Rider (part 3)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Yes, I know that this is extremely late, and I am deeply sorry for that. Will you guys forgive me?

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack! I promise to try to not get another chapter out late. If there are other chapters to one of my other stories that you want out, then tell me, so I can try to push through my writers block. Thanks :). ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. If you do not remember what happened (which is probably all of you), then take the other parts again. It's only two chapters, so it's not a lot. Plus, I don't even really remember what happened.
  2. I rolled backwards and landed with my feet on the ground and my fingertips touching the grass, looking like I was about to start a race. I quickly got up to my feet and was surprised at what I saw. In front of me was a full grown wolf on top of my attacker. Blood was smeared on the person's face, and a cut was on his neck. His eyes were no longer gold. Instead, they were hazel. "Who are you?" I demanded and took a hesitant step forward. "Call off your animal, and I might tell you." He said and the wolf snarled in his face. "The wolf does not belong to me. Now, tell me who you are and what you want." I said again, harsher this time, and the wolf barked as if to re-enforce my words. "She belongs to you. She was that puppy that was out here with you. As for who I am and what I want, I cannot tell you." He said. "And why's that?" I asked. "Because it does not matter what I tell you, you're still gonna come with me." He said. "I wouldn't be so sure about that." The voice of my Grandma said behind me, and then I heard a shot being fired.
  3. I turned around and saw my Grandma holding a shotgun. No less than five feet from me laid a dead man with blood gushing out of his back. "You don't know the strength of your powers yet, do you? Those black outs that you've been having, I can help you understand it all." The guy continued. Bama growled and bared her teeth at him. "Why would you help me?" I asked. "There is still a lot you need to learn. And all you really have to do is ask Dallas." The guy said. "Rider, get out of the way." My Grandma commanded. "Bama." I called as I jumped out of the way. Bama moved at the last second before my Grandma fired the shotgun again. It hit the guy in the leg, but he still managed to hobble off into the woods.
  4. "What was that?" I yelled as I spun around to face my Grandma. "I think you should go see Dallas." She said in a calm voice. "You bet I'm gonna go see Dallas, and I'm going to give him a piece of my mind." I grumbled as I marched to the front of the house. "Don't do anything rash." Grandma called after me. "No promises!" I yelled back. "Bama, heel." I commanded and she obeyed. I walked to the black truck parked in the driveway. I opened up the passenger side door and Bama hopped in. I stomped around to the driver's side and climbed in. I started the car, backed out of my driveway, and headed to Dallas's house. Ten minutes later, I reached his house. I marched up to it with Bama by my side. My anger boiling, I pounded on his front door. No more than ten seconds later, I was greeted by a very sleepy and disoriented Dallas.
  5. "What are you doing here, Rider?" Dallas yawned. "What do you think I'm doing here? I want you to tell me what the hell is happening." I said and Dallas shut the door behind him. "Rider, there are things that are too complicated to explain. I can only tell you if you know the whole backstory and how everything is set up and what's going on." He tried to explain. "Well, let's start with how Bama is now a wolf. Care to explain that?" I asked and gestured towards Bama. "She's your guardian animal." Dallas explained. "My what?" "Your guardian animal. Her job is to protect you." Dallas said. "Why?" I asked. "That's just how it's set up." He shrugged. "Why is she a wolf?" I asked. "It has something to do with which side you're on and it may have something to do with your power, but we aren't really sure." Dallas said.
  6. "My power? You're crazy. This is all just an insane prank." I said, mostly to me than to him. "It may be crazy, but it's the truth. And that's not even half of it." He said. "No, this isn't true. It's just a dream or something." I said as I started to back out towards my car. "Rider, it's not a dream. I'm telling you the truth. I swear I am." Dallas pleaded. "I highly doubt that you are." I said. "I am. I can prove it. Ask me any question." Dallas said. "Okay. Why do I black out?" I asked, folding my arms over my chest. "I-I don't know." He confessed. "Exactly." I said and then got into my truck. Bama hopped on my lap and walked to the passenger seat. She sat down and I backed out of Dallas's driveway.
  7. My senses were on full alert as I drove down the dark rode. I saw a dark figure run in front of my car, making me veer off to the road. I drove onto an old dirt road and quickly stopped my car. I let out a breath of relief. "Wait here." I said to Bama as I got out of my truck. I walked back to the road and saw that nothing was there. Shrugging it off, I turned back around and saw someone standing there. "Can I help you?" I asked. He took a step towards me. I instantly knew that I was in danger. I examined his face and noticed that he was one of the guys from the football game. I felt everything on the inside of me turn cold. My anger was building and my vision was starting to black out. "Get out of my way." I told him. I saw headlights coming from both directions. "Not gonna happen." He answered.
  8. "I said move." My voice sounded powerful and sounded like there were more voices mixed with mine. The cars on the street came closer, both speeding towards us. When they were about twenty feet away, I blacked out. When I could see again, the two cars were on their side, smoke coming out of them. I saw that I was in a crater about four feet deep, and that that black flame surrounded the top of it. Some of the trees had broken branched and I saw Bama standing at the edge of the dirt road. I climbed out of the crater, the flames didn't burn me, and walked towards Bama. Sitting by her feet was Dallas. "What are you doing here?" I asked, my heart still racing. "Well, I came to make sure that you got home, but hen I saw you talking to Travis-." "Who's Travis?" I interrupted and then Dallas pointed to a guy on the ground: the same guy that I was talking to before I blacked out. "And before I knew it, my car was in the air, but I didn't hit the ground as soon as I should've. And when I did hit the ground, it wasn't as hard as it should've been. When I got out of my car, I wasn't hurt, and then Bama came towards me. When I looked back to where you were, you were already climbing out of the crater." He explained.
  9. "Sorry." I mumbled. "It's fine." Dallas got up, brushing the dirt and dust off of his jeans. "You didn't know what you were doing." Travis groaned, making my head snap in his direction. He began to stir, so Dallas, Bama, and I walked over to where he was. "I definitely underestimated your power." He tiredly said, pointing a finger at me as he sat up. Dallas reached a hand out towards Travis, pulling him up to his feet. "I guess that proves that you're a Moon Child, and a strong one at that." Travis said. For a second, I almost felt sorry for whatever I did to him, but then I remembered what he did to Bama, and I felt myself go cold. "Why are you here?" My voice was as cold as ice. "I wanted to see how powerful you are, which wasn't very smart on my part." He confessed. "Rider, Travis is one of the good guys." Dallas told me as if he read my mind.
  10. "Bull crap." I snapped, turning around, and storming back to my car. "Look, if it's about me making you black out, then I'm sorry." Travis called after me. "That's not why I hate you." I called back. "Hate is a very strong word." He said, following me. "Then you should know that I don't use it often." I retorted. As I stepped onto the dirt road, a dark figure stepped in front of me. "Nice to see you again, sweetheart." It said, and it's voice sounded vaguely familiar. "Move." I growled at him. "Looks like someone is still a little grouchy from the game." He said. "When were you at the game?" I asked, surprised. "Sorry, honey, but I don't have time to answer your questions right now." He smiled and then grabbed my left wrist, pressing his thumb against the inside of my wrist. I suddenly felt very weak and tired, and that scared me.
  11. Cliffhanger!! Please comment and rate, and please tell me what you thought of it. Thanks :). ~Meg. (By the way, I'm giving you all permission to yell at me for getting this out so late).

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