what typse of rider are you?

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what kind of rider are you\\\\\/ are you the know it all dressage rider or the clever but amazing dressage rider? are you a showjumper or something else?

what kind of rider are you? good bad or just amazing? in just a few minuates once youve taken his quiz you will find oit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: horseygal12345
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  1. your friends speed ahead on there horses/pony's what do you do?
  2. your going to buy a new saddle what do you pick?
  3. what is your faverite out of these?
  4. you crash while riding what do you do?
  5. i get a horse magazine which part do i read first?
  6. your instructer said your racing today so you tack your horse up mount and what happens when you start to gallop?
  7. what do you want to do most?
  8. what would you want to do 2nd most?
  9. what is your 3rd fave thing to do?
  10. what is your 4th fave thing to do?

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Quiz topic: What typse of rider am I?