How well do you know Dressage?

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I am a dressage rider and am constantly quizzing my friends about the sport. I hope you take this quiz, so you will at least be able to learn something. If you like watching, hearing, or competing in dressage that this is right for you!

I have to challenge all of the dressage lovers out there because I feel it is my duty. Please take the time and play a little quiz, it's risk free and there's no bad words!

Created by: Kit Kat
  1. What year did dressage first appear in the olympics?
  2. The word 'dressage' is a term from which European country?
  3. Which was the first horse to score above a 90% in a dressage competition?
  4. A score over 65% would be considered good. (True or False)
  5. Which letter is not used in a dressage arena?
  6. Which of these is not a dressage movement?
  7. Although Anky van Grunsven is an Olympic dressage rider, she also competes in what other discipline?
  8. Which country won the first individual dressage Olympics?
  9. Blue Hors Matine was a competition horse to which European competitor?
  10. Is dressage a sport? (Answer Carefully)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dressage?