What equine discipline are you?

What equestrian discipline best suits you? Is it dressage? Is it eventing? Is it showjumping? Take this quiz now to find out what discipline you are!

Are YOU a calm dressage rider or a firey show jumper? Take this quiz and find out today wether you'll be the next Charllotte Dijardin, the next Nick Skeleton, or the next Mary King!

Created by: LiloandStitch
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a calm person in general?
  2. Do you prefer a steady double clear or a speedy but risk of few faults?
  3. Are you an energetic person?
  4. How often do you ride?
  5. What would you rather have?
  6. How often do you compete?
  7. If you were to buy an eventer, what would you look for in it?
  8. How big do you jump?
  9. What is a good showjumping canter?
  10. Fave breed?

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Quiz topic: What equine discipline am I?