What equestrian discipline are you?

There are many different disciplines of riding but which fits your character??? Dont know?? I do muahahaha take this quiz and find out!! I do not promise this will be the discipline you actually do... Just supposed to be fun!

Please take the quiz!!! Options are dressage, reining. Showjumper, jockey, or saddleseat!!! I love them all and I apologize if I did not include your discipline... No offense intended.

Created by: AHAmember
  1. Which horse would you pick?
  2. You walk into the tack store and you go straight for the...
  3. Your friends describe you as...
  4. Your favorite song???
  5. What is your favorite of these breeds?
  6. Which describes you best...
  7. What is your favorite sport other than riding?
  8. What is your...Favorite color???
  9. What is your favorite class at school?
  10. Didja likeee

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Quiz topic: What equestrian discipline am I?