What kind of horse lover are you?

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Many people love horses but a lot of people have trouble choosing what discipline is for them. I've devised a little test to help you figure this out. If you don't like my answer for you, please read "Horses for Dummies", it gave me my answer a long time ago.

Are you a Show Jumper or a Cross Country runner? A Barreler or a Dressage person? Maybe you an expert or maybe you just don't know! You could be content with anything or confident in anything. I'm here to help you choose.

Created by: Zapporah Chambers

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What speed and movement type is ideal for you?
  2. What kind of tack would you feel most comfortable in?
  3. What breed is closest to your favorite? Sorry if it's not included! Appaloosa's
  4. What clothing would you wear riding?
  5. What kind of shoes?
  6. You see the following ad's in the paper, which horse do you buy?
  7. Now it's time to pick your bridle!
  8. Who's your horse hero?
  9. This ones a little easier. Favorite famous horse. If not included, try to select the closest reason that is your favorite horse. P.S.- There are lots of race horses on here :(
  10. Last one, what.... is my name.

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Quiz topic: What kind of horse lover am I?