How much do you LOVE and KNOW about HORSES

This is a quiz about horse. Obviously! It contains many different things and you MAY learn a thing or two.

Are You a fun caring horse lover, or just bored and taking this quiz? do you read most night and watch videos about horse care or play games? Are you the ULTIMATE HORSE LOVER? Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Marlee

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  1. Okay, Lets start, what your favourite name out of these that you would call your first horse/pony or foal
  2. Next,Your Going on a holiday. You need someone to take care of you best friend, you Horse Or PONY. What do you do?
  3. Okay, so you decide to go on a ride through the forest and mountains by yourself for the day. you take a camera to capture the scenery, a mobile phone for saftey, some food and drink and a first aid kit for both you and your horse. Suddenly, your horse horse spooks for no know reason catching you by surprise, you hold on for dear life, checking him when you get the chance to get his attention. When he finally stops, you are lost deep in he forest on a mountain, not knowing how far you have traveled. the first thing you do is:
  4. What would you rather have
  5. Well, you friend gets a new horse but you are concerned for the horse as it is too much for her to handle but she wont listen, what do you do?
  6. You are wanting a new horse and you have quite a bit of experience under your girth too. which breed would you choose?
  7. Which of the following plants is NOT poisonous to horses?
  8. How many teeth does an adult horse have?
  9. What are the 6 MAIN or ALWAYS USED pieces of a bridal?
  10. What are the 2 types of riding?
  11. what are horses/ponies measured in?
  12. What is a Baby horse called?
  13. What is a Gelding?
  14. How often do you ride?
  15. What do you like best about horses?
  16. Would you rather muck a stall then clean your room?
  17. How would you handle it if someone else (not a friend) wanted to ride on YOUR horse?
  18. if you could be ny animal for a day, it would be a...
  19. Do you LOVE the smell of horses and leather(Not poop)
  20. How long have you been riding?
  21. Okay, thanks for sticking around!!! I know it was a LOOONG quiz, sorry about that but last question, was this fun?

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Quiz topic: How much do I LOVE and KNOW about HORSES