What breed of horse are you?

The real title of this quiz should be: "What Kind of Horse are You?" Sorry! I messed up! Anyway,I was motivated to create this because of my love for horses. I have been riding for 4 years, going on to 5 years. At my first show, I got a Champion ribbon. What are the odds, huh?

Do you love horses/ponies? Do you ride horses/ponies? If you don't ride, I am sorry to say that you have not lived yet.... As for if you don't love horses/ponies, I honestly do not know what to say...

Created by: FunnyMilkshake

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  1. Are you very smart?
  2. You are trying to pull a carriage through a heavy downpour. You look to your left and see your friend being whipped for no reason. You
  3. It is time for the vets to make their rounds. The vet starts giving your filly vaccines. She is screaming and seems to be in pain. You
  4. A rider mounts you. He is not young, but a very careless and violent rider. He pulls on the left rein, but there are tons of brambles there! Soon he repeatedly hits you with a crop. You
  5. You are a wild and free horse along with your herd. Some cowboys also on horses run at your herd with ropes. You
  6. Your wonderful owner has the chance to be a show jumper, a jockey, or just a ranch hand. You will still be hers either way. What do you wish her to choose?
  7. Are you strong, committed, and loyal?
  8. You are at the far corner in the field, where all the good grass is. Your current owner has a foot problem and cannot walk very far. She calls your name from the gate. You
  9. Your owner's mom is going through a divorce and is very stressed all the time. She sometimes snaps at her daughter.(aka:your owner)She is sad all the time now. You
  10. There are three water buckets in your stall: a small, a medium, and a large one. You choose

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Quiz topic: What breed of horse am I?