Are you more of a Tomboy, or a Girlygirl? Quiz. Good Luck!

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Have you ever wondered why people mistake you as a boy or have you ever wondered if your just a plain out girl? I know I've wondered that before guys.

Well... take this quiz to find out the answer to that question of yours! You will have different type of answers. Good Luck! Oh! And also have a wonderful day!!!

Created by: Naiya the bad ass
  1. Do you wear any makeup? Do want to wear any?
  2. Do you like designer clothes/shoes?
  3. What is your preferred clothing wardrobe?
  4. Ok! Do Dino nuggies???
  5. Last question!: do you like me quiz? It's my first one so please comment if i don't have things you want to say in here!
  6. JK! NOT THE LAST QUESTION! haha. Anyways! How much do you like to get dirty?
  7. Uh. I'm getting lazy now... do you like farms?
  8. zzzzzzzzzzzz....
  9. I'm so boreeeeddd!!!!
  10. byeeee!!!~~

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Quiz topic: Am I more of a Tomboy, or a Girlygirl? Quiz. Good Luck!