What is your anger type

Everyone is angry sometimes, whether it’s at a person or just plain bad luck! A lost phone, a break up, or a fight can hurt even the most optimistic of us all.

So have you ever wondered your anger type? Whether it’s loud and brash, or quiet but deadly. Maybe not, but I still recommend you take this quiz, just for fun. Who knows? I might even be right.

Created by: Isabela Angelina
  1. I will give you a series of situations where you have to react. It will begin easy, but it will become harder to distinguish which action is which anger. Ready?
  2. You walk into a bar with your friends, crowing about the BIG dance. As you see a cute guy from behind, you whisper about him to your friends. One of them bravely walks toward him and starts chatting with him. She leans in to kiss him. As you see his face turn towards you, you gasp. Your best friend is making out with your boyfriend. What do you do?
  3. On to the next scene. After breaking up with your boyfriend, your friends try everything they can to cheer you up. But it is getting annoying, as you can feel their pity stifling the air. How do you react?
  4. Your friends leave, annoyed by how ungrateful you are acting. You nope around the house looking for something to do. You find four things to do. Choose the one you would do.
  5. Feeling much more relaxed, you decide to go outside. You are close to a number of cafes, so you decide to go on a date! You dress up all fancy after finding a match. You wait outside at...
  6. There he is! You guys walk in together and open the menu. Everything goes fine until the food arrives. ~SLURRRP~ He chews with his mouth full, slurps, and talks while swallowing. Disgusting. How do you react?
  7. Well that was a fail. You plop down on your couch and mournfully eat ice cream. Suddenly in the middle of your show, a 5 minute ad comes on, the cherry on top for your horrible day. What do you do?
  8. Time to go to bed! You get out your phone and WHOOPS! Your phone fell to the floor. You carefully pick it up and your phone won't turn on. What do you do?
  9. "New day, new luck.” That is your waking thought. Bet as you get out of bed, just your luck! You stub your toe! What would you say?
  10. Dang, you have to go shopping! You rush to get dressed and run out the door. Once you get there, a man immediately beeps his horn at you, telling you to hurry and park. How do you respond?
  11. Almost done! Ahh, home sweet home. You check your phone for texts. But it won’t turn on. You try everything you can, but it’s dead. What do you do?

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