How high is your urge to pick a fight/argument?

There are many times where you feel angry enough to want to fight, but how high is that urge? You may have an excitement for fighting, something passionate about debate.

Or you may have a terrible life, thinking bad thoughts, or you may be a peaceful person knowing that after you've had the pleasure, you'll suffer the regrets.

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  1. Do you get along with everybody?
  2. Do you hate someone so much at times that you want to hit them?
  3. Have you been scared because of someone for days?
  4. Does it hurt when someone insults you or makes fun of you?
  5. Do you ever get excited when someone says something that could possibly be the starting line of an argument or fight?
  6. Do you say something back to someone that insults you?
  7. Do you like things that are overreacting, dramatic, with fights and witty mind games, or picking fights?
  8. Do you get along with everybody?
  9. Pick one that fits you the most.
  10. There's a fight at the cafeteria. What do you do?
  11. Are you miserable, or having the blues or anger for days?
  12. Do you feel like you have a second heart sometimes that's filled with anger, sadness, misery, and revenge and regret?
  13. Why would you pick a fight/argument?

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Quiz topic: How high is my urge to pick a fight/argument?