Do You Have Enough Sugar in Your Diet?

This is a test to see how well you know me. If you score low, don't worry about it. I understand. If you score high, maybe it's time that you take a break from my BS because once your brain becomes saturated it you may have a problem with everyday thinking.

You may begin to experience extreme cynicism. There is a possibility that you will start to make bad, inappropriate jokes. You may slip on a pair of sandals and say to yourself 'Hay! Not Bad!' You may begin to root for teams that will never win a championship. I urge you, err on the side of caution.

Created by: Mike McNichol
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  1. Which of the following is NOT one of Mike's nicknames?
  2. When will he hurt you?
  3. Which of these question did Mike answer incorrectly in trivial pursuit?
  4. Which of these sports does he know the most about?
  5. What happens when he flexes his muscles?
  6. Why doesn't he like to eat White Castle on Saturday night?
  7. What is his favorite poem?
  8. Is his poetry bad?
  9. What color is his favorite shirt?
  10. Which monster gives he and Jsalz nightmares?
  11. Which quarterback does he insult the most?
  12. Who has him listed as one of her "heroes?"
  13. Which of these artists does he hate with a passion?
  14. Which song does he hate?
  15. What does he want to be when he gets older?
  16. Which of these shows does he watch to calm down?
  17. Which song can Mike play on a REAL guitar?
  18. Does Mike have sex appeal?
  19. What is a good amount of Sugar to have in your daily life?
  20. You wanna fight?
  21. Do you love the Sugarbear?
  22. Let's assume for a moment that you and I are alone together. What is most likely to happen?
  23. BONUS: What would the world be like if I didn't exist?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have Enough Sugar in my Diet?