What Diet is Right for Me?

This is a quiz designed to help people decide which diet is best for them. There are so many diet programs out there, most people dont know where to start.

I searched for the top 3 diet programs available. These are what I have found. Your results should give you a good idea of which diet is best for you.

Created by: Alex Priore
  1. The main thing that I want in a Diet is:
  2. The most I'm able to spend is:
  3. I am a very busy person:
  4. How busy I am will effect the time I spend on my diet:
  5. Something that I desire is:
  6. When it comes to exercise:
  7. When it comes to deciding what to eat:
  8. I am motivated by:
  9. I want something that keeps track of my calorie intake:
  10. What I desire most from an online program is:

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